Cognition and Education Management Method of Withdrawal Reaction for Students with Internet Addiction Based on EEG Signal Analysis

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Peng Shan
Jiayin Pei


Students with Internet Addiction, EEG Signal Analysis, Nonlinear Dynamics, Educational Management Method


This paper takes the cognition and education management method of withdrawal reaction for students with internet addiction as the research objective and adopts the research methods of literature method, brain science experiment and data analysis. This paper also introduces the EEG signal analysis method and use nonlinear dynamic analysis method and event-related potential technology, performing collection and data arrangement of EEG signals, SPN and P300 waveforms of prefrontal lobe of students with Internet addiction, analyzing behavioral characteristics and neurological changes in brain of students with Internet addiction from the perspectives of behavioral and EEG data. On this basis, the management method of withdrawal education for students with Internet addiction is proposed.


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